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    Currently Ipsum Investments has obtained majority shares in various  medical ancillary companies. These companies are located in the  Woodlands of Texas, the Medical Center of Houston, and Webster, Texas.

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    • The Medical Center of Houston

      The Medical Center of Houston :

      The Texas Medical Center  contains 54 medicine-related institutions, with 21 hospitals and eight  specialty institutions, eight academic and research institutions, four  medical schools, seven  nursing schools, three public health organizations, 2 pharmacy schools and a dental school.  All 54 institutions are  not-for-profit. Among the affiliated medical schools are the  University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston, Baylor College of Medicine, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and Texas A&M College of Medicine. Some member institutions are located outside of the city of Houston.

       More heart surgeries are performed in Texas Medical Center than anywhere else in the world with 13,600 heart surgeries annually. 180,000 annual  surgeries are performed. The TMC performs 1 surgery every 3 minutes.  Over 25,000 babies are delivered each year, more than 1 baby every 20 minutes. The Texas Medical Center offers over 9,200 total patient beds.

       The Texas Medical Center receives an average of 3,300 patient visits a  day and over eight million annual patient visits, including over 18,000  international patients. The TMC has over 750,000 ER visitors each year.  In 2011, the center employed over 106,000 people, including 20,000 physicians, scientists, researchers and other  advanced degree professionals in the  life sciences. The Texas Medical center has over 160,000 people visit each day.

       The Texas Medical Center is home to the largest children's hospital in the world (Texas Children's Hospital), as well as home to the largest cancer hospital in the world (MD Anderson Cancer Center).
      Adjacent to the Center are Rice University, Hermann Park, NRG Park, and the Museum District.

    • The Woodlands
    • Webster, Texas

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